You want a website that you love and is easy to use.

You need a website that brings in ideal clients.

I help coaches, consultants, and solo service providers create stress-free websites that:

Discover the 5 Things Powerful Coaching Websites Get Right

Do you wonder if your website is creating a spark with potential clients?

Check out these 5 things you can fix on your website this week that will make it more powerful and help visitors become ideal clients. 

Simple Steps for a Stress-Free Website Project

#1 - The Feel

Your website “feel” comes from your tone, your message, your words. Clearly conveying who you most love working with and how you can best help them is instrumental for a powerful website.

#2 - The Look

Great design is a cornerstone of a powerful website. Yes, it makes for an aesthetically pleasing browsing experience, but more importantly, the “look” helps folks find their way around your site and find their way to working with you.

#3 - The Plan

A clear process, concise steps, a map to follow, and a guide to get you there - that’s what “the plan” brings to your website project. It helps you achieve stress-free clarity amidst a goodly amount of technical chaos.

#4 - The Launch

Even when your site is done, you’re not done. It’s time for “the launch.” Flip the switch, illuminate your site, and be seen.

#5 - And Beyond

Launching your beautiful new website isn’t the end. It’s just the beginning. Websites have to get used in order to be effective, and you need a strategy and some tactics to regularly breathe life into yours.

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