How it Works

My approach to creating a website with you works consistently and effectively because my process goes beyond just a web design.

A successful website that will grow with you and your business happens in these stages:

  1. Inspiration
    Design may seem intimidating, but you know enough to know what you like and don’t like. I’ve developed a guided process called the Design Inspiration Exercise that helps pinpoint your personal design style, and together, we build something that you’ll love.
  2. Content
    Starting from a blank page is so tough. I’ll get you headed in the right direction by helping you figure out what pages you need for your site and giving you some reliable resources to guide you in filling those blank pages.
  3. Design
    Taking all the input from the previous steps, I come up with several initial design options for you that we then refine and revise until we get to “it”.
  4. Coding, Setup, Installation, and Configuration
    This part is pretty much all me. Once we have a final design, I code it and pull together the myriad of little technical details and pieces (like domain names, DNS settings, branded email addresses, web hosts, software installations, etc.) that need to happen to bring your site to life online.
  5. Learning and Implementation
    It’s critical that once you have a site you love, you actually know how to use it. I make sure you know how to add and edit pages, and easily make quick updates and tweaks. You have the flexibility and control to update your content and message over time.

With a partner to listen, understand, and guide you through a clear process on your website journey, we can co-create a powerful, beautiful website together.