Mindful Monitoring

Websites Like to Be Paid Attention toWebsite disasters like site crashes and hacking happen every day to good websites. It just seems to be the way of the world these days. With spam and malware bots out there trolling constantly, pretty much any site is vulnerable. And one of the best ways of combatting it is to keep your site updated and be proactively checking to make sure it is secure.

At least once a month, typically the first week of the month, I will:

  • Create a full backup of all of your WordPress files and plugins as well as your database (all of your blog posts and pages)
  • Update WordPress and all of your plugins and insure that the updates don’t negatively impact the function of your site
  • Run a security scan to make sure your site hasn’t been hacked

I will also be able to immediately respond and update your site if a security vulnerability is discovered and a patch released for WordPress or any of your plugins.

Note: if the updates or security scan uncover any issues, there may be additional time and charges needed to resolve them, but I will discuss it with you before proceeding with any work.

“I love this service, Nichole! It’s a huge benefit to me to have that peace of mind and one less techy thing to think about.”

~ Julie Aulava

I find that like most things in your business, websites like to be paid attention to in order to stay healthy and productive, and I would love to help you with that.